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I'm A "Toy Commando"

What I'm about to tell you is probably somewhat illegal, and if you join the  Toy Commandos, you're on your own.

Some years ago I noticed that most pet stores didn't provide toys for the birds.  These pitiful creatures sat in their cages or enclosures all day with nothing to do.  Sad, when there was hundreds of wonderful toys just down the aisle to play with.  So here's what I started to do, and still do to this day......

I simply went over to the toys, grabbed the appropriate toy for the bird that I had in mind, and gave it to the bird.

Of course I am very discreet about this.  Most pet shop employees don't even notice.  For the 'Toos, I always grab a toy made of wood and something they can hold in their feet (as they love to hold things).  One of the toys most pet shops carry is a package of colored wood that looks like fat round sticks and also disks.  These are great for most any parrot to hold and more importantly to chew.  I use only part of the package and hide the rest for another day.

It's wonderful to see the birds play with the toys I give  them, and often times the bird goes from a very unhappy creature just staring into space,  into something with a purpose in life.  Could I buy the toys and give them to the birds?  Of course, but first, I couldnt afford it, and second, I think the owners have a responsibility to provide these poor birds with the bare necessities.  And if they wont... I will, because I'm a "TOY COMMANDO"  :)