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New! Avian Rescue Network
“Saving lives, one bird at a time.”


A new organization, the Avian Rescue Network (ARN) is now being established.   ARN is comprised of a like minded group of people, from Organizations to rehabbers and individuals, all willing to help in the daunting task of avian rescue. No politics. No one organization in charge. Instead we are a multi talented peer group working together to “Save Lives One Bird At A Time.” We would be honored if you would join us.

The Avian Rescue Network’s purpose is to….

  • 1-      Create a Database of all Avian Rescues and Rehabbers in North America.
  • 2-      Network and connect with one another to share information, expertise and concerns.
  • 3-      Place as many birds in adoptive homes by sharing information of birds in need of homes and caregivers  seeking a bird.
  • 4-      Help save the lives of as many birds as possible when large-scale multi-bird rescues and confiscation's   occur…or “one bird at a time”.
  • 5-      Establish and provide a transportation network when rescued animals need to be moved.
  • 6-      Work with other avian organizations, animal welfare agencies.
  • 7-      Mentor up-coming individuals and organizations.
  • 8-      Triage and place in Sanctuary birds for whom home placement is no longer an option.

There is no financial obligation. There are no meetings. We ask that all Egos and political agendas be left at the keyboard. ARN is not established to set unreasonable and unrealistic standards.  We are ONLY here to expedite the saving of as many birds’ lives as possible.  The Network exists SOLELY to ensure that animals escape abuse, neglect and euthanasia by finding appropriate life-long placements.

Although we are reaching out primarily to established non-profit and 501 organizations, ARN also needs the support and input from rehabbers and individuals willing to foster, transport, quarantine, and give temporary shelter to birds in need.  We wish to work with new organizations so they do not have to “reinvent the wheel”.
If you receive this letter, and know others who you believe would be interested in this adventure please feel
free to forward this to them.

Thank you, for all you have contributed to the avian community thus far. The Avian Rescue Network looks
forward to working with you.

The Avian Rescue Network
“Saving lives, one bird at a time.”

To view a little more of who we are and what we do,  click HERE

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