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Note: The following mytoos websites are hosted by those countries displayed.
In other words, the people of these countries thought enough of cockatoos
to have a "mytoos" website for their people in the hopes of helping parrots there.

  Mytoos has been translated to Italian! 
If you'd like to see what looks like in Italian, click HERE
( Hosted In Italy)

Mytoos  has been translated to German! 

A lot of work went in to copy this web site for the German people.
If you'd like to see what looks like in German, click HERE
(Hosted In Germany)

  Mytoos  has been translated to Polish! 
If you'd like to see what looks like in Polish, click HERE
(Hosted In Poland)

Mytoos  has been translated to Russian! 
If you'd like to see what looks like in Russian, click HERE
(Hosted in Russia)

Thanks to people all over the world who thought enough of
and cockatoos in general to take the time and effort to reproduce this site
in their native languages.  Proof that the internet can be used for good.

I made a phone call to a Petland. The first kid to answer the phone didn't 
know anything about parrots, and put me through to the stores "expert". 
Hear the call and see the page I made on this situation HERE


Click below and then show it to all your friends interested in getting a cockatoo. 
This is also great for teachers in the classroom.

Page Shows Just How Loud
Moluccan Cockatoos Really Are!

We proudly support the

Indonesian Parrot Project / Project Bird Watch
Telephone: 520-531-8353 or 425-373-1441

Or contact them via e-mail. 


Read the letter from an 
avian vet to here


New! Avian Rescue Network
Yes.. you CAN help!

Please take the time to read this if nothing else!

New chart shows the difference in cockatoos and other parrots.
Click Here

For those of you with questions about 
cockatoos, please visit our message board
because more than likely someone has already asked your question and has gotten
several good answers.  As this web site has grown so large in the past year,  I will not
be able to answer all questions.  If you cant find an answer on our message board,
then I will attempt to reply to unusual problems.  Thanks for your patience!

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yet more parrots before they're purchased by people who don't have an idea of
what it takes to be a good owner.  Thank you for helping them and!

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Many people have asked for a sound file of the Moluccan cockatoo.  Here is a 1 Meg MP3 for your educational use

To HEAR the file just click on it.  To SAVE the file simply RIGHT CLICK
on the link and choose "Save Target As" to a folder of your choice..

(Sound file runs for 2 minutes 15 seconds)

Unless you have a 300 watt stereo hooked up to your computer, you cant begin

to imagine how loud these birds are from this sound file,  but you'll get an idea

A few photos I want you to see of the people
who made my trip worth while in Germany....
Gitti & Helmut

My Trip To Salt Lake City Utah  HERE

My St Louis trip
See some photos HERE

Read the latest on wood products 
and possible chemical application here.


Thank You!
Thank you!

Please note: I normally never allow my birds on
my shoulder!  Ollie was there just for this photo.

Those familiar with search engines know that GOOGLE is considered to be
the absolute best on the internet for serious searches.  No huge ads to get
in the way like Yahoo, and the most user friendly web page of all the search
engines.  One of the main (and best) ways for Google to rate certain websites
out of millions of sites,  is the amount of links to that website.  The more
people who link to a site, the better that site must be, and Google uses this
fact to bring the "best of the best" to the top of the list.   Guess what?
Type in " Cockatoos " and see who comes up first

Go ahead...Try it!

Google has been #1 in the listing
now for the last 2 years !!

And I owe this fact to all the wonderful people out there who thought enough
of my website to add a link from their page to mine.  You don't know how much
I appreciate this gesture,  because as many of you know,  I only link to rescues.
The people who linked to my site were completely unselfish in understanding that
this website is about the saving of as many of these wonderful creatures as
possible, and nothing else.  So to you all who took the time and effort to help
me get the word out to the whole world,  I say


See our old survey comments HERE

Animal Free Pet Supply Survey !

We are compiling a database of pet stores  (not websites) that sell only pet 
products but not live animals.  If you have a favorite store you'd like to
add to our list... please click the link below:


Who IS this guy anyway??

After 5 years of having my website up, I've decided to answer those 
who want to know something about me.  I'll try to keep it short:

My name is Jerry W.  I am a retired Captain from the Fire Dept.  I also was a  radio announcer, 
and newspaper photographer. My main lifelong hobby is  skydiving out of perfectly good airplanes.

I've been interested in all sorts of birds for 35 years, especially parrots. I used to  take vacations in Florida just to visit the breeders of cockatoos (especially).  In the  10 years I visited breeders, not 
one ever told me the real truth about cockatoo ownership.  As I live in an area that has no bird clubs 
and few parrots... I had to  trust those whom I came to know mostly in the south.  Finally I managed
to scrape  up enough money to purchase a male and female Moluccan.  I had no intention of breeding them.  This was about 10 years ago.  Needless to say,  I found out the hard  way what others already knew:  It takes a very special home and special person to provide the environment that these magnificent creatures deserve.  Most of us cant,  and even I fail at times.  Some would call me an 
picky person.  They would be correct.  I want everything perfect, including the care I provide my birds.

 As my job allowed  me to be home 21 days a month,  I spent hundreds of hours carefully studying my
birds every movement, every sound,  every look that they gave me.  I learned over the months and years what all this meant....   mostly however by studying THEM... not books.

It was after I had most of it figured out that I then read everything I could find on the subject.  This
left me free to compare my notes with others, instead of attempting to  use only their material and hope for the best.  Some of this information was very good, other information just silly.  Most people dont have the time to sit for hours and study their birds every day... take mental notes and try different things.  I did, and found all the wonderful secrets that 'Toos provide under the right circumstances.  I also learned that no matter WHAT I do,  it's never going to be enough to replace nature.  I am 
saddened by this, because when I think of how much effort is spent on my part to keep them happy... 
I cant help but to think of the thousands of 'Toos out there that dont  get nearly the care, and those 
that are abused and  neglected.   This is what drove me to start this website!

I have never been more interested in anything in my life as I have these birds.  And like  a mother
who raises her child from a baby to manhood, and who knows more about  him than anyone in the 
world,  so too do I feel this way about my 'Toos.  Let me add that for a year, I helped a very good breeder with her cockatoos, both Moluccan and Umbrellas. I at one time had 5 in my home for a bit 
and never had so much fun but WORK in my life.  As good as my breeder was (never allowing people 
to purchase a  'Too without a long list of requirements)  she still didn't tell them what they REALLY needed to know.  This is all the information I would discover in the months and years  to come.  Well, that's about it.   Just a guy that loves cockatoos to the point of obsession... and  knows that we must
do something to help them before it's too late.
  Thanks...   Jerry

P.S.  If you'd feel more comfortable trusting a PHD, click HERE





Veterinary Petition against  Parrot Mass Production

In reply to a questionnaire sent to vets across the country as to whether 
or not unwanted parrots or euthanasia is a problem in their areas, we 
received the following letter from Dr. Todd Wolf

"Unfortunately this is a very common problem everywhere.  I
sometimes wonder if exotic birds should be kept as pets at all 
(a hard statement to make, since I am a bird
owner & my living is made from caring for them).

These are wild animals and many of them adapt very poorly to life in captivity. This misadaptation manifests as a huge array of behavioral problems. The public is never told about the potential 
problems (noise, biting, aggression, self mutilation, mess, etc.) when they are buying a bird. 
are only told about the wonderful things (companionship, talking, tricks, etc.).  This is a big mistake, and leads to thousands of impulse  buys by unknowing, inexperienced people, who mean well, but 
soon find that this was not the pet for them. Unfortunately it's the birds that suffer in the end, and 
I'm afraid that  the trend you are now seeing is only the tip of the iceberg.  Itís not going to be easy
to find homes for the thousands of unwanted birds that will be flooding the shelters soon - not to mention that they live a long time compared to dogs & cats"

Todd Wolf, DVM, ABVP


Folks, I have a request from Marc Johnson.  He 
ask's you to print out the petition on the next
page and take it to your Vet to have it signed....

 FOR YOUR VETERINARIAN ONLY.... Please take this petition to as many vets as you
can and see if they will sign it.  Avian and Exotic preferable but all vets are welcome to 
sign it  We are gathering for a media campaign to stop the sale of parrots in ALL 
warehouse, pet supply stores.   It has been enthusiastically received by Avian Vets 
here in Massachusetts. 

Please have all petitions returned to

Marc Johnson 
PO BOX 650 
Rockland, MA 02370 

Thank you all..... 

-- Marc Johnson 

To print out the petition click here

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As a parrot behavior consultant, I hear *daily*
from people who should've gone to your website prior
to the purchase of a cockatoo.  Thank you for being honest
and going to the trouble of creating this excellent website.
You obviously care about these animals and the unspeakable
sadness of them losing their homes.

Thank you seems insufficient, but that's all
I can think to say!........  Liz Wilson